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Camille Rose, renowned as one of the preeminent brands in the natural hair care industry, embarked on a mission to captivate audiences with visually striking and cinematic content, strategically designed to be scroll-stopping. Their objective was clear: fueling the momentum for their annual Black Friday sale through an engaging and immersive campaign on social media.

Positioning the event as not just a sale but a celebration, Camille Rose extended an exclusive invitation to their loyal consumer base, presenting it as the grandest sale and party of the year. The allure was heightened by the irresistible offer of all their beloved hair products, typically priced higher, available for an enticing $10 during this spectacular occasion.

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work delivered

Our role in this ¬†project extended beyond the creation of captivating social media clips designed for both Instagram Reels and YouTube. We also curated product photography, seamlessly aligning with the overarching theme of the campaign. These diverse assets became the cornerstone of a comprehensive strategy, strategically disseminated across social media channels, integrated into engaging email marketing campaigns, and deployed in paid media efforts. The synergy of these visual elements served as a powerful catalyst, amplifying the resonance of Camille Rose’s Black Friday extravaganza across a multitude of platforms.

By leveraging the power of these visuals, Camille Rose ensured a pervasive and unified brand presence, effectively resonating with their audience across various touchpoints. This approach not only elevated the anticipation and excitement surrounding the Black Friday sale but also established a lasting impact, solidifying Camille Rose’s position as a trendsetter in the natural hair care domain.


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